Why the Virus?

Businesses are a powerful influence in this world. Often more powerful than local governments. Business’ values, behavior and deeds have great consequences – for themselves, their children and society. More and more entrepreneurs realize this. And have the courage to make bold decisions that really address challenges and deliver desperately needed innovations that improve quality of global society. So a sustainable improvement of the world starts with courageous and thought leading entrepreneurship. 

The Virus believes in entrepreneurial change, in entrepreneurship realizing ‘a world in better balance’. Companies that honour the entrepreneurial responsibility for society and endorse their words with their deeds. Organizations around the world that use their influence, knowledge, creativity, guts and skill to get things done. To help the world move forward. Again and again searching for new paths, opportunities and possibilities for all global citizens. 

The Virus makes organizations realize there is another way. A way that leads to greater success. To greater satisfaction. A way that is also very inspiring and energizing and, of course, contagious. For all of us.


The Virus helps organizations recognize that change and innovation are vital. Not just for the world, but also for them. Without continuous change and innovation, there is no future for them in our rapidly changing world. Many risk becoming superfluous. There’s an ‘economic must’ to become- and remain- relevant and indispensable. Not only for their employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. But for all of society. Realizing that and being able to deal with its consequences is a process of transformation in which authenticity, vulnerability and courage are critical. 

Once knowing this, enterprising organizations can realize major change in this world.

Therefor the Virus appeals to every entrepreneur globally to adopt the spirit of challenge and become part of the Virus of entrepreneurial change. You are the Virus!