Who and what is the Virus?

If you focus your passions on leading the world forward, searching for solutions to its most pressing challenges, the Virus can be you.

The Virus is a ‘crowd’ funded P2P organic organization. The crowd of creative enterprising people fund the Virus, become part of the Virus, and help other entrepreneurs who are crazy enough to know they can change the world. 

Entrepreneurs infected by the Virus focus within their business objective on overcoming poverty and sharing prosperity, on education, on health, on technology access, on environmental challenges, or other issues that threaten people and society. They do not only focus on profit maximization, but on creating impactful meaning as well.

The Virus takes equity stakes, invests funds and powerful ‘sweat-equity’ and creates an energized creative atmosphere that enables development of a magic Change the World organization, driven by sustainable and innovative entrepreneurship that achieves outstanding goals in our world. 

Sjaak Vink, member of the global Entrepreneurs’ Organization, was the first entrepreneur infected for life by this Virus of making a change. Many others have since followed.

Although already active since 2009, The Virus came to full maturity on September 17, 2011 in Amsterdam.

The Virus subscribes to The Global Entrepreneurs’ Manifesto for Change, honours the great responsibility that comes from authentic entrepreneurship, and reinforces this responsibility with action.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Professor Muhammad Yunus (founder Grameen Microcredits Bank) supports and supervises the Virus.

Profit is not an end in itself for the Virus. Profits realized are re-invested in high potential Change the World organizations around the world. The Virus continues to spread and make a change.