Results of the Virus

The Virus has been working in the shadows for some time. It has already discretely created successful Change the World organizations in various fields of business. Money by meaning? What does that mean? A few examples.

  • ENVIRONMENT. Green washing is a hoax? One of the first companies infected by the virus of change was one of the largest energy suppliers in the Netherlands. Once infected, they were unstoppable. They pledged to become the most integrated and sustainable energy supplier of the Netherlands. According to Green Peace, they succeeded in this mission in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. They are still pushing the limits! That’s a true illustration of the Virus.
  • POVERTY. 2010 Saw a record number of bankruptcies. Despite the grim economic climate, one of the virus infected companies, a strengths fusion for households and small entrpreneurs, won the 2010 Entrepreneurs Growth Award. Their third such award, by the way. They created millions of Euros of discounts for low income people. That’s the flow of the Virus. Great ideas bringing about change for those who need it most.
  • HEALTH. The years 2009-2010 were characterized by unstable stock markets. A virus infected biotech company however won in 2010 the Amsterdam Stock Exchange Growth Award. A key to its success was a new, cheaper medicine for rabies. That’s what people in the Global South needed. This is the virus growing the social relevance of a company.
  • EDUCATION. Unfortunately the number of violent incidents at schools substantially increased in Europe in 2010. The number of dropouts rose accordingly, especially at schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods of large cities. A virus infected organization created a new school concept ‘Life College’ in the worst-affected neighborhoods. Many migrant-children thrived in the program, leaving this new school concept barely able to handle the inflow of new students. Inspirational teachers and coaches are very contagious. And their inspiration develops great students creating a new future!
  • HEALTH. The latest start-ups incorporated in 2012 and in 2015 by the Virus and other entrepreneurs and step by step developing into impactful Change the World companies are disruptors and . Dragging Global healthcare into the 21st century, supported patients and doctors around the World!

The Virus is no longer hidden in the shadows. Its reaching epidemic proportions! Can you imagine what will happen in the next couple of years if the Virus goes viral? Don’t you want to be part of this Virus of Change?