What does the Virus invest in?

The Virus invests in organizations that have the potential to focus within their business objectives on challenges that influence global peace, prosperity or sustainability, such as overcoming poverty and sharing prosperity, education, health, technology access, environment, or other issues that threaten people and society.

The Virus invests in such organizations when they do not seize opportunities. Companies that have the potential to be an impactful Change the World organization, but underperform by being ordinary. Organizations who recognize that their performance is not exemplary of outstanding entrepreneurship and relevance for society. Entrepreneurs who want to transform and make a change. But don’t know how.


Their challenges? They do not have the courage, strength or creativity to dream. Because they lack meaning, enthusiasm, or inspiration. Because they are lacking focus or fail to align their personal ideals with their business practice. Because they are stuck in thinking, behavioral patterns or structures. Have lost ability to innovate in relevant and outstanding ways. Are too focused on cutting costs or maximizing profits.

However, they honour the great responsibility they bear as entrepreneurs in making sustainable and innovative entrepreneurship integral to their lives, their companies and communities. They want to reinforce these values with action.

These are the high potential Change the World organizations in which the Virus invests in. Like www.TheSocialMedwork.com the online latest medicine market. In which the Virus creates a very infectious epidemic of change blowing through the organization and it's industry. In which the Virus introduces a contagious culture of magic and growth. A culture seeking opportunities, putting chances into action. For the better of patients globally! The Virus influences results in exploding meaning and money.

Companies infected by the Virus, both large and small, lead the world forward, relentlessly searching for relevant and preferably revolutionary solutions to the most pressing challenges. Playing small does not serve the world!

Recognition? Dare to become part of the Virus!

Want to fund the Virus? Create meaning with your money? Be careful. You will be infected too! Your life will change forever!