The Virus is energizing! There is no status quo once you are infected. The initial symptoms are mild. You will start dreaming of a future of progress and improvement and the role you will play in that changing world. This will be followed by a feeling of restlessness. You will tire of simply dreaming of change and desire concrete results. You are, after all, an enterprising person. You want to reinforce your dreams with action. 

Define your personal mission. Then you will feel the urge! From that moment on there will be in your life simply one major goal. Realize your mission as fast as possible. Your enthusiasm will be explosively infectious. Your dream is so unique, your goal so impactful, that others will have no choice but to be inspired by you. The beauty of your mission fires the imagination and energy of others. You will have become part of the Virus. You are the Virus!

Is this all just a fairy tale?